Monday, March 30, 2009

17th B-day

so this was my birthday iam now 17 years old now wow time goes by fairly fast. we went up to the cabin me and my mom papajo and stetzen it was fun shopping,relaxing,snowmobiling,and went to the xbo,,,and just had tons of fun also ate at my favorite place chilis yumi and got the amazing dessert it was great!! the best birthday!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

California tour

so we went for tour to california and it was for our whole music department and it was amazing we had tons of fun! we had lots to do and also we were on the bus for more than 48 hours the whole trip it was fun but no air conditioning! we spent a lot of time in disney land having a blast and at medevil time it was great! so ya there is just soo much to say for it we did tons of stuff i even went ice skating for the first time!(scared me to death!!!!) we had fun singing and playin around cali. so ya it was a great spring break!!