Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

We had a great Thanksgiving this year it was our first one together! We went to Island Park and had a blast!

Cooking our yumi food!

We took the twins our for their first sledding ride!

And of course Stetz and I played!

Mr. Handsome with his very blue eyes

Silly Jackson with his pink ear muffs

Mr. Mrs. Bailey

Chars delicious limeade

This is my moms tradition we always have it as a appetizer

This is my Grape Salad hmmm

Meet Tom!

Jacksons mom waiting on the yumi sweet potatoes

And of course.... THE  DISHES

MMMMM The best 23 pound turkey!

Jacksons homemade mac and cheese and Sweet potatoes my 2 favorite!

Gracie with her Christmas tree! And Jeff and Char searching for theirs!

Notice How we are all looking up and the picture below is the top of the tree char wanted(She didnt get it)

Maylee making her snow angel

This is our Christmas tree little but perfect

here is dad hoping he gets the right tree for mom

And he did!

All our delicious  pies!!!

Sour Cream frosting Pumpkin pie

Lemon pie

Banana nut

Apple crisp

And Aizy loved her birthday cake!!