Sunday, November 1, 2009

Ballroom Class,plays,clinic,majdical dinner aaaaaa

So one day i was talking to my friends in chior and we were on the subject of dance and how some people just dont get it and they try and try so we all of a sudden got onto the subject of the waltz and the different kind of dances and then i realized i know those!! and my friend Cheri was flipped 15 min. later i had permission on every wensday after school i teach Ballroom dancing. i was amazed how mant showed up the first day i had 24 people!!! MORE BOYS!!! i was so excited so we are first learning the simple walz and they all loved it everyone was so extremely stoked!! And poor Stetzen has been my dumie (so to say) with helping me chorograpgh the dance and along with all of this our school play is Beauty and the Beast and Vrena and i are chorographing it and trying out for everything, Ive also gotten into Clinic which is where certain people get to go and sing with a huge chior of other high school singers iam way excited i got great music to learn and love the alto notes! its been nuts and along that We are getting ready for our big madjical dinner so if anybody wants to come let me know Its in December 11 & 12 let me know!!! love ya all cant wait for the amazing reunion!!