Friday, March 23, 2012

March March March

Well this month has been fun! We surely have kept busy!
Here are my two little guys I love them they are so fun to watch grow!

I love watching him he is so fun and the video ahead he growled at the water bottle for hours!

Carter boy I love him he looked at me and said do this face and now this face!

He are our neighbors little chicks they are adorable and so cute

And these are their adorable puppies they are sooooo cute

So for our birthdays I surprised Stetz on a trip I called him off work and we left March17 to Idaho Falls

This was the white out we were stuck in

Our yumi desserts at Olive Garden

And this is what we woke up to at our hotel at the Shilo Inn

Red Velvet cake!

So the snow plow did not come to the cabin so we had to shovel ourselves in haha for hour in half

And we got high centered and ripped of some coverings from our car! poor triple B

I looked like a dork fish but hey its ok we were at the cabin

This is what heaven looks like in our eyes peanut butter reeces ice cream cake AMAZING!!

These are the cutest little girls shoes we had to buy them since we have boy shoes haha just collecting!

Here is my snow man he took me 45 min haha

I love my husband he ate ALL of these cookies I only had 3 got to love my man and cookies

Our yumi dinner for our birthday

Stokes has a new cupcake lady and she is amazing I love love her cupcakes

Funny story here so I let Gracie use my phone to play

I had 17 pictures of her just making faces ahah they were supper cute!!