Thursday, January 27, 2011

Island Park Trip!

Stetzen and I went up to Island Park on Jan.21 and all the couples were there for their weekend. Stetzen and I then got all dressed and went out and we turned into little kids and walked around and found hills to sled down it was tons of fun we then played skittle pool where whatever color you picked to did what the color says Stetzen picked green which we made hitt under your legs! We were also lucky to sleep in the new addition we filled up the huge bathtub and watched a movie we loved it!! THANK YOU dad and mom for letting us stay in your room it was great! LOVE LOVE LOVE MARRIED LIFE!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Honeymoon(Sea Cave)

We had so much fun! The room was amazing the shower had a waterfall and the bathtub was one of my favorites because of the water coming out of its mouth! I didnt tell or show Stetzen the room so when we walked it we both were amazed! we walked around and then went and bought some pizza and came back to our room and ate and then watched a movie and fell asleep then the next day we went back  to our home and moved in!!I Love my husband soo much!


What a great Christmas this year it went by soo fast since the wedding and eeverything it was amazing. We had our traditional Robertson party and Stetzen got a sweet gun from dad and we love it he was so excited to get his very first gun!! I Love my family I am so blessed to have them!!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Our First Update

Well we are moved into our adorable home. its been fun living with Stetzen i was nervous but waking up to him and falling asleep with his arms around me is fantastic! We have been just hanging out here and going to town a lot to get supplies and last minute things. i was so excited to be a wife and cook meals i haven't been too creative yet its still hitting me. but our breakfasts are wonderful i usually make waffles and eggs.its been tons of fun. Stetzen has to go to work so i am here by myself and at first it was SO weird and boring so i have started to be a neat freak and clean and the work out to Jillian 30 day work out it pretty much kicks my trash i even threw up the first time since i haven't been working out a lot but it felt great to be working out. Well i think that is the whole week of being married update!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Bridals By Hattie Bates

Here are my bridals there are sooo many that were sooo pretty i had no clue what ones to put on!