Sunday, March 17, 2013


We went and cleaned the temple for the first time Thursday night and man it was so cool to see the behind the scenes of cleaning at the Temple it was amazing everything there was to do it was a good feeling even though I was sweating like a crazy lady. Stetzen loved it he said he just kept getting songs in head. It was truely awesome and I just love the Temple it's such a blessing!!

21 Birthday!!

I had a wonderful week I got to spend time with Ryan and Mindys kids and oh man it was easy but 5 kids and waking up at 6 was not exactly my specialty. But I loved every minute of it!! I finally turned 21 I was so excited and now I get a new license! My amazing sisters made me a birthday breakfast and it was hmmmmlicous. I got home to my new faucet on the sink and my head board hung up with a kindle fire hd. Stetzen then took me o upper crust for my favorite cranberry turkey sandwich! And stetzen and I made something together and we will have to post it later when it's officially done!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Fun Fun Night!!

Tonight was great!! I went to the Paul Elementary Carnival with Trish and Joyce and their kids so I invited Aleigha to be my little kid for the night and to sleep Over! So then we decided Fallon needed to come over and sleep over too!! So we went to Kiwi Loco and then to wal Mart to buy matching pjs and then played Polly Pockets and I am just so lucky to have cute nieces!! Very Blessed