Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Well we are moving once again! We have to keep life exciting we have moved 3 times in one year haha and finally we will make it permanent at least for one year. We found a way cute house for rent in Heyburn it has great potential its pretty old and it one bedroom. We are thrilled to finally be living in a house! No more apartments but we have loved the year here in Pocatello away from the family but now its time to move back to our favorite place HOME! I am so excited I will be graduated on the 21 and I will be starting my own business traveling massage hopefully it will be a great beginning for us and Stetz has a manager job at Stokes and will be taking classes at CSI. Life is great and we are loving being married its almost been a year its unbelievable its been hard but so amazing.I love Stetzen more than ever he is such an amazing husband and tries everyday to make me laugh.
So thrilled to be moving!

This is half of all our stuff moved into the living room waiting to be loaded!

Husband & Wife  Mr. and Mrs. Bailey.