Friday, April 13, 2012


April has started slow but fun!
So this was for Stetzen he was as work and asked me what i was doing so i sent him my new favorite dinner Sweet Potato fries with a Grilled Cheese!!

Again the cupcakes from Stokes hmmmm

I thought it was just such nice weather I love the grey clouds and rain

Dear Emma smiling at the camera

We went up to the cabin for spring break with char joyce and jackson and trish!

Well this is what the girlys did haha

Ryder man was being our little rock star

Here is my Banner and Gift Certificate I had a Booth at the Craft Fair it was so fun I had 73 People enter in for the drawing and $57 worth of chair massage! it was so fun

These are the very pretty flowers I got for my mom I thought she needed a little special surprise!

Easter was so fun we had a party at moms

Ryder and I just chillin he was our little golfer man

And of course us making silly faces

Trish and I

WE love this the girls were in their very cute dresses that mom made them and they played in the sandbox allll day!

Little Rock could not decide if he liked me or not I love him!
It has been a great month so far! I love being back here in Rupert we have a great ward and wonderful family! I love my calling I was put in Achievement Day and my partner and I are over 15GIRLYS it is sooo fun I love them all we have been so blessed . Stetzen and I are on a challenge we are both getting our bums in gear with dieting and exercise we have a membership at a gym where we go and lift weight its my new challenge! Its so hard to keep focus on trying to lift heavier and do 40 min of cardio a-day along with 90min of weight training but I am so happy Stetz is my trainer he is so cute when he lifts haha its been fun to do something challenging with each other and every time go to the gym we put a dollar in a jar to save up for our trip to Mexico if I loose 40 pounds this year and he gets a 6 pack we are off!   Stetzen and I are doing great we have been busy with work this week I had 10 Massages and Stetzen is now a Co-Manager! We love being close to our families they are all such wonderful people! Life is just amazing and I couldn't be more happy!