Friday, July 27, 2012

Well I am starting my new job! I love it! Out salon is super cute and a great vibe, I love who I am working with and its going to be awsome to be working in a salon instead of traveling, I have been pulling ligaments too much to be lifting my table! Stetzen is doing well he got a new promotion as the  Produce, dairy, and frozen manager he is over all of those he works sooo very hard and he enjoys it so thats great. We are busy with work that its been hard to see eachother. its been good though for us it makes me realize how much i love him and when i get to come home and see him my night and anything bad that hapens goes away cause i get a hug and a kiss.! We are loving lifethings are going great here its amazing what a blessing tithing does for us. Lately it has really helped us ans blessed us. I just love my man! He is so good looking and caring i just haha LOVE HIM! I cant wait to see what life brings us!