Wednesday, February 29, 2012

New Home!

Here is our house I finally decided I can post some pictures of it now that we are officially moved in!
Here is our bedroom

Our closet... well mostly mine (I have way to much clothes)

Here is our cozy living room

My favorite wreath I was so happy when I finished it

Our his and hers vanity!! haha

This is our amazing storage room I love it!

Fallon was our first guest to spend the night we had a blast

We ate mac and cheese and made silly faces

I love this girl she is so fun to be with and we played polly pockets for hours!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

KIDS for 2 Weeks!!

Well since Feb. 4 Stetzen and I have been watching kiddlins! On Feb. 4 we went to the farm to watch Kyler , Case, Carter it was so fun to be out there where nothing is around you. The boys are so fun I got to know them on a personal level. Kyler is so grown up and so smart, Case is a sweetheart he has a great mind of his own and Carter is a busy boy all he wanted to do was to play board games and hide and seek it was so fun to be with them for a week they were so fun to be around. So then on Feb.10 we headed out to chars house to watch her kids for the week. So we had all 6 kids in chars house it was CRAZY if anything I realized what my mom went through everyone was asking for this and that I thought I was going to loose my mind but then when I tucked them into bed under our fort we built all 5 of them said we love you too nit-nee and my eye filled with tears knowing that I can be a good example and that they know I am always here for them. So then Logan came and picked up the boys on the 11th and It was Braden, Maylee, Gracie, and Paxton until the 18th. I have found out that these kids are busy haha but all they want is your love and attention. Braden makes me smile he is growing so he is hungry when its morning I go to wake him up and there will be a yogurt cup and wrappers cause he gets hungry haha. Maylee is such a girly girl she wants to play Polly pockets and play the princess game and help me watch Paxton. Gracie is a story teller she tells me soo much that I cant keep her stories straight she talks and talks and she wants to watch barbie 12 princess 3 times a day haha Paxton is a precious baby boy at 7 months he is so fun to watch crawl and play and put everything in his mouth. I love watching my nieces and nephews they are all such a blessing I love them and for their exciting life! If anything though people told me this is good birth control for me I found out this was good birth control for Stetzen this was his first baby sitting job with a lot of kids he was usually at work but when he was here he would look at me with his handsome eyes and say uhh no not yet! If anything this has made me see that Stetzen will be an amazing daddy and that I can be mommy with him by my side! I love my husband he is so sweet and loving I think of how my life would be without him and it makes me just want to cry to think how it would be he completes me and loves me he tells me all day long. Well other than that life has been great and busy for the Baileys!