Saturday, October 22, 2011

Well its October and I have been counting down the days I am almost done with school not even 2 months left, I have been busy with my internship with the hospital it has been the best experience working with the patients there and staff. I love having the opportunity to help them feel a little better by putting lotion on their hands its been so fun hearing stories and just talking or just holding their hands for a little while. And clinics are going great I have loved learning to be better and helping clients relax I cannot wait to start working on my own and to be done with school! Texas is calling us soo fast we cant wait to go and spend time working and being out of Idaho together! So I have started some new craft projects like mesh wreaths and mesh ghosts.

 Here is MY FAVORITE.... Stetzens homemade wheat pizza we make it so its healthy for our diets I am on weight watchers and lost 6 pounds so far and my handsome husband is gaining so much muscle he has been doing so good on his diet for gaining weight he is just looking more good looking everyday which is amazing cause I all ready have a pretty handsome looking husband! And i mean HANDSOME!!!!

Here are my fish They have grown so big!! They are living at Stetzens mom and dad and I am so lucky to have them because they just took my fish and have been watching them for a year now! I am so grateful to have them in my life they are so great I love them so much!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Welcome Ryder

The little man was blessed October 9, 2011 and we had quiet the party at dad and moms it was so fun to see the whole family. All the Robertsons and Nelsons were there the only bad part was I got the worse flu and it turned out it hit almost half the Robertson family! But it was a great weekend!