Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Surgery UGH!

Well last week went all right ha-ha not I went in for a laparoscopic surgery I was so scared and nervous about where and how big the fibroid would be and it turns out I don't even have one!!! The radiologist read the ultra sound wrong so the doctor took some pictures of the uterus and ovaries and etc. so the surgery went good I had a incision in my belly button and under my stomach and man does the one in my belle button sting its been rough last week i was on some serious pills and one of them made me vomit tons and that hurt my stomach even more and then I couldn't go to the bathroom so along with the vomit and not going to the bathroom and I pulled a strong muscle in my stomach and so I have this sharp pinching pain in my right side but luckily its manageable and I have missed tons of school and I actually miss it I miss giving massages its made me realize how much I love massage therapy! I have been so blessed to have Stetzen he has been such a blessing to me and he has been a great sport cleaning, cooking helping me shower ha ha he is such an amazing husband I love his so much! I thank heavenly father for his love and blessing and help during this week and thank you to my friends and family Sarah, Vrena, and Joyce, Fallon and Tracy, Joyce and Fallon came and stayed with us and Fallon was soo cute she would hold my hand and lead me to the bathroom and hold my bowl she was so cute and thank you for Tracy for coming down and being with us at the hospital and sticking with us. I am so happy to find out whats wrong and hopefully they will find out!! Also I am pretty excited to go home this weekend to see the family and spend some time with them!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Oh Life!

Well to start our month out we were heading out of wal mart and some lady pulled out and hit us on the driver side of my car it was not good it ripped off her bumper and took our door out of alignment so it wont open! So then that happened and turns out I have to go in for a laprosophic surgery so the doctor can see how big the fibroid is and whats going on with the stomach pain, I am really nervous I haven't had a surgery before (besides the stupid guitar pic!) So hopefully it will go well luckily its not a big surgery still nervous though Stetzen has been great helping my and keeping my calm before. 4th was great we saw family and spent time with family we even slept in Stetzen's mom and dads lawn in our sweet tent it was so fun! We just got back from Island Park it was so fun we were suppose to be working but that didn't work since my mom wouldn't answer her phone so we relaxed and found ourselves in a huge storm with huge piles of hell it was crazy and flash floods and power going on and off but it was fun we sat and watched it and just enjoyed spending time with each other. Love my husband and I love our life!