Sunday, May 15, 2011


Well we have been crazy  busy with moving and with me being sick its been an awful couple of weeks. We love our new apartment its so cozy we are sad though we loved our old ward Stetzen was the elders courm secretary but who knows what this new ward will bring. Well I have adrenal fatigue which is why iam so tired and hungry my body is fighing perisites  that are feeding off  of me and the protein i eat isnt digesting so its explaing the stomach pain also its been hard but Stetzen is the best he has done the laundry and help me to my every need. School for me is going great i am behing because i had to miss from being sick so iam needing to catch up. I cant wait to have my own buisness i love massage therapy ive learned so much. Stetzen is still in school and looking for a new job so we have been really busy with homework and trying to help eachother out. Luckly we have love for eachother that we can get through everything together.! hope all is well with everyone else!

New Apartment Bench Rd!

We love love love our new apartment we moved in on May, 10 2011. Its 2 bedrooms big living room and a real kitchen we are so blessed to of found this new place!

Wedding Pictures

Such an amazing night so glad for my husband and to be able to be with him for eternity he is so great! love him so much!