Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Well its going to be July soon! And man are we excited we have had some rough months with my sickness and we finally found out the results it turns out I have a Fibroid in my Uterus which is a benign tumor and so I go to the gynocoligst on Wensday luckily I will have my wonderful mother-in-law coming with since Stetzen will be in school, along with school Stetz is almost done with his summer classes thankfully it will be nice to both not be so stressed all the time, then next month on fridays 2p.m to 8p.m ill have clinics so ill be doing massages then so if anyone would like to come down to blackfoot i would love to have you even if your stopping by in pocatello let me know cause i need hours up for homework i need more bodies! So other than our busy lifes we are doing good we are just hoping to get me fixed up so i can go back to regular living hope everyone is doing all right and enjoyin the summer!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

My 1st trip to the Zoo

We took our first trip to Utah, we stayed at a nice hotel ate yumi yumi food I was sooo excited to just take a trip and relax with my amazing husband we ate at the cheesecake factory which is my favorite, we then went to the zoo it was my first time and I am 19 so it was a big deal. I love my husband he is so nice and loving I am so blessed to have him in my life for eternity. We have been crazy busy with school and visiting family but I am so happy with where life is for me right now other than my health issues we are debating if I have Celiac, Chrons Disease, or who knows what? But we are pullling through Stetzen has been a huge help when I am resting! Life is amazing I am so gratefull for the life I live.