Monday, October 25, 2010

The Bailey Bash

Well here is our adorable apartment we have its perfect with tons of storage!!! I can't wait!!!!!!

we are soo excited just 66 more days left!!!

A Great Weekend

So this weekend was great. My mom and I got tons of things done and found way cute decorations and a couch that Stetzen likes and the coolest dinning room table! Thanks mom for a great weekend it was nice to get away!
here is our couch

our awsome table i love it!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Excited more than ever!

I am way excited for this weekend my mom and I are off to Utah! So we have to go look at decorations, matress, a loveseat, and flowers and cupcaked things.! I am so excited I had midterms this week so it is going to be great to get away from thinking and a stinky apartment! Things have been going pretty great with wedding planning its just the count down now. I just cant to be able to live in Stetzen and I's little apartment it is way cute and I can't wait to just clean up after him only and decorate my own way! We decided on our colors for the room to.. Our kitchen is orange and Green, and our bedroom is brown and tan with a accent of some other color then our bathroom is black and red. we started to register at wal mart which is harder than I thought it would be but I guess we will have to just go with it for now untill we get the hang of it! Other than that my life had been simple and going by pretty slow!!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Great Experience

So things have been crazy busy, midterms are this week so crosses and give me those prayers that I pass. haha school is going great I love all my teachers they are wonderfully and my photographer teacher took our engagement last Thursday so now we are just waiting for her to put them up so we can take a glance. Today I had a bishops interview and Stetzen came with me. My last interview with him was NOT good it was awful so I have been praying that this one will be a great interview and it turned out great. He gave Stetzen some great advise and it was amazing he said that he should only have eyes for me and how he has to respect the way my body will change having his children and how things will not be the same. He asked both of us why we love each other and when I heard all that Stetzen had to say I lost it into tears. He is a great guy and i can't wait for him to become my husband the person I will be with for eternity. The Bishop said that we understand that love is not just a feeling it is a action word and its so true I see all that he does for me and all the love he has for me. It's opening my mind that how big this is and how much I love Stetzen  he really is a great guy he is so respectful and he tells me that he loves me constantly, I love that he is always saying how cute and pretty I am. I love the way he shows little signs of how much he cares for me like grabbing my hand or putting his arms around me and gives me a kiss on the check and I love that he is taking me to the temple for time and eternity. He is everything to me and I can't wait to be his and for him to mine I love him so much. I couldn't be more grateful for Heavenly Father for helping me find and know he is the one and I am grateful for prayer and all the answers he has blessed me with. And fore parents who support me and love me I love my mom so much even after arguments I know that she is the greatest women in my life and the biggest example I miss her every minute to just sit and talk eye to eye. And for my dad and all he does even after his wreck he is still in pain working on the farm and doing all that he can to support us. I love them both so much. Even my sisters I know we are all so different but there are times that I know we love another and that in eternity we WILL be together in our hearts and I love all my family. Life is so short so realize the great in it.