Monday, March 22, 2010

The Cruise to Mexico

the osterdame ship

waiting in the line

my life so i can get back home and off and on the ship

me and my biggest hero papajo!!  and my snorkling buddy

my yummies bean and cheese burrito mmmmmmmm

this little boy was playing he was adorable

i loveeeee these we even asked the guty to teach us so i now can make it

me and chelsie holding eguanassaaaaaaa

my second rebellious thing ive done in my life getting my fake tatoo and my mom flipped and it does not mean b.s (bad) it is for brittne and stetzen. it was funnny my mom didnt see me gettin it wehen i showed it to her the first comment was "YOUR LAUREL PRESIDENT!!"


me and caroline

me waiting for th beach

one of my favorite pic!!
i loved this trip my favorite city was mazalan and the shopping there porda vialrda was the snorkling it was sooo crazy there were hundreds of fish and they would come to us since we had bread,we saw a puffer fish which my dad held, starfish, lobster(dead), manaras i actually peed my pants when i saw 2 of them i freaked and grabbed my papas hand and just like held my breath i thought they were sting rays!!! then cabo was fun for the suntanning!! me and my best friend kayla got a little sea sick for the first day but all in the end everything was a blast!! the entertainmen the sun and  my parenys ohh ya and the amazing hydro pool aww i miss it so much it was osoo relaxing but i reallyt miss the sun and hangin out with kayla and my parents we met ltons of people also from ireland,and all around the world even one of our teachers were there iwht his wife!!! over all it was an amazing trip and birthday gift!
And then i come home sunday and there was a surprise bday party for me thank you for that family it was a big surprise !