Monday, November 15, 2010


Thank you aunt Viki, i get tons of comments on my hat i love it!!
So update i am so excited for thanksgiving week i am having a break down here with homework and the same rutine EVERYDAY!! also with my two bridal showers next week its going to be a blast. also my roomates and i went to the cabin for 2 days and we had a ball ill be posting those up later.and someother positive notices i have lost 15 pounds being here and walking so far so good! Thank you SLIM FAST!! so today we have 45 more days soon stetzen and i will be together for eternity!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Finally November

It is finally November which means that I can start saying I am getting married next month!!! We have almost everything ready and set to go so now its just the dang waiting game! I miss Stetzen it might be a long time untill I get the chance to see him I have a lot of stuff for school going on one class decided to just dump reports on us soo its been reading and typing right now. I have an interview on friday for the College of Massage Therapy I am hoping I get in. Its a ten month program so I start Febuary 15 and end on December15, I am feeling pretty excited I just hope I get in!!!! I can't wait to be going home and waking up to Stetzen not that living with 5 other girls hasnt been fun. I have just been ready to be his wife for awhile now and cleaning up after him. Our apartment is so cute we put together our dinning room table so slowly its becoming more looking like a home. I can't wait!! JUST 2 MONTHS 8 WEEKS & 54 MORE DAYS!!!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween 2010. Well the pass weekend was pretty great. My mom and I got decorations somewhat done and I made my bouquet it is gorgeous. I got to catch up with my best friend Kayla I missed her a lot  So now I am back here at BYU_I and honestly I am not too excited about that. I am going crazy I need to be out of here and with Stetzen I miss him too much. And then also we get our apartment today so we can start moving in allll our stuf! I couldnt be more excited right now!