Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Cameron Arizona

I was Blessed to go and fly out to see Dad and Mom on their mission. Stetzen was going to come but starting out at Smiths he is still the new guy but he  loves it there! It was such a humble experience the Navajo people are amazing. The way they live is very different from the way we live its like a whole new country.  Elder and Sister Robertson are amazing Missionaries the people there are so luck to have them.

This the Life threatening plane it was soo very loud!!

The 2 wonderful Parents and I

This is their Dream Catcher and in the front is the farthest house away from the church!

There was lizard and this one was the pretties!

My first Navajo Hamburger it was delicious!!

This beautiful ring I got was made before the 1970's

This is one of the outhouses

This use to be a old ladies house she is in her 90's and notice the church in the background

one of the many gardens my dad grew he is the Garden Master

Cutest little colt

This the Puffer house is what my mom calls it this is the Hogan they go and smoke Peyote.

This sweet 9 month old baby i wanted to take her home she was the happiest baby!

The beginning of the Grand Canyon

My beautiful mom

the great garden master

Grand Canyon

Elder and Sister Robertson

This was the most delicious Flat Bread EVER it was made with Blue Bird Flour its their favorite. Its drizzled with honey and oh man i could eat it everyday!

Love my PaPAa-Jo

this was for Stetzen  he missed me so i sent him a reminder of how i looked 

Fat Lizards

This was the Beautiful place i have ever been its Coal Mine Canyon

The most Beautiful place it really took my breathe away

I was scaring my mom being so close to the edge.

I just wanted to sit and stare out all day

This is the famous Navajo Taco this one was the mini on haha it was soo yumi I wish they were made this good here in Idaho!

Dad working on watering the garden

Mom's 29th birthday!!

These 2 Elders are awesome and so fun to be around Elder Booth is on the left and Elder Beck on the right!

This Cute girl is Mia and she is 11 years old she gave me the best hugs and didnt let go I wish she could just come live with me!

Here is all my trinkets i got. we made this bag on moms sewing class with the blue bird flour bags and all my beautiful jewelery and dream catcher!

Rocking the Bandanas
Thank you to these 2 amazing parents So blessed to have them!

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MicahEvans22 said...

Brittney I love the updates! I'm happy for you that you got to see your parents. We need to have a phone date :)

Micah Evans