Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Our Little Lady due October.

We cannot be more excited for this sweet little Lady. She all ready has stolen our hearts. We were wanting a baby so badly and tried and finally took a break and a month in half later we found out we were expecting. It was February and we were folding clothes and I realized I was 4 days late and thought well let's take a test. I told stetzen he had to look so I wouldn't be disappointed. When he told me to look I was so surprised and just cried. I never felt so close to stetzen and our Heavenly Father just knowing he is trusting us with his child. We can't wait till October and all that is has to bring!! 

Here I am at 15 weeks! 

And here I am at 20 weeks. 

She was such a happy little lady during the ultra sound!!

My pregnancy has been going very well. 
My first trimester I didn't have any morning sickness but I did have nausea. I didn't have any appetite. Which was hard cause I never knew what I wanted to eat. 

So far my second trimester has been great I have been feeling very good. I love taking naps and sitting in my rocking chair. I haven't had a lot of food cravings but I have loved chocolate chips! And fill pickle lays. 

We had a gender reveal party which was so much fun! We gave everyone silly string and it was pink!!! 
Can't wait for all the fun bows and tutus!! 

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